My name is Marty and I am going through a divorce at the moment. I am so stressed, and my bills haven’t been paid in months. I am on social security, so I barely have any income to pay for anything. It is exhausting not being able to catch up or to pay for basic necessities. Each month I go further and further into debt. There is no money. What can I do?  By third or fourth bill, I am broke for the month. Hopefully, my luck and income will change in the future, but I have my doubts.

Anyway, thank you EDL for this gift. I really appreciate it.

About EDL

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist financially or by providing  resources. Moreover, EDL was created with helping others in mind. Caring for others maybe a little harder to find nowadays, but it is still here and alive. It's just harder to find. We are here for you.