Motivation comes in many packages. In this brief article we will discuss a few. There are basic bilogical reasons for motivation like hemostasis (maintaing internal equilibrium, etc...). We also have physiological drives for motivation too like food, water, or sex.

   Next there are two main social reasons for motivation. We will discuss these two aspects of motivation in a little more detail. The first social motivation factor is  intrinsic motivation. The other social reason for motivation is extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation occurs when you do an act because it is rewarding itself. Not because of any other reason. 

An example of social intrinsic motivation is playing a card game because it is fun. Not playing the card game to win. It is doing an act because it is inherently satisfying or good itself, not for any other reason.

  On the other hand extrinsic motivation would be doing an act for a reward. An example of this would be being paid for doing work. The reason to do the work would be to get paid. In this work example, getting paid would be your reward and it would be the reason why work is being done. The work is not satisfying or fun in itself. Instead the work is only being do to earn the reward of getting paid.

   Do you find yourself being more intrinsically or extrinsically motivated? Try to balance these two motivations. To much of one or the other will detrimentally effect your mental health.

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